View Full Version : Tree Grid Panel with different field rows - Is it even possible?

14 Jan 2012, 3:16 PM
Before I spend what will likeley be an entire day trying to figure out, I would like to know if anyone knows if what I want to do is even possible with Ext JS. Seems like anything is possible with this awsome set of tools but I have not seen any examples that even come close.

Using a tree grid, I can expand the parent row to show the child rows. My child rows have different field names and different cell widths than their parent rows. I want to show the child row fields first, above the child row records as well as have the child cells be different widths than the parent. It is hard to explain.

For example, say you had a car parent record that was make, model and color. The grid would have 3 colums that are all 100 in width. The header row would show Make, Model, and Color. If a parent record was expanded, the first row directly under the parent row would look like the header row and be First Name and Last name and the cell widths would be 150 and 150. Then the next row would look like a standard record row.

I could do this with standard html tables and good old fashion javascript where the child records would be a sub table but I want to use Ext JS.

Does anyone know if this is possible with Ext JS?


15 Jan 2012, 2:51 PM
You will only have one set of columns.