View Full Version : Android 3.2 performance issues, is there a way to solve some of them?

17 Jan 2012, 2:12 AM

Scrollers are very quirky on Android.

As I am going through the end of our app development with ST2, I realized how slow the app really is on Android devices. We are testing in a 2 year old device with Honeycomb, and I get that phones are getting a lot faster. In fact, our version of iOS and Sencha Touch 2 are really close in performance on an iPhone 4S. However, it really worries me the vast majority of Android phones won't be able to enjoy a smooth experience in our ST2 application (which is going to be compiled to Android with Phonegap).

There's information around about how people feel about ST, but there's little knowledge how to really improve performance in older devices for ST2.

I would love to discuss some things about improvements that can be made while developing the applications. For example, I'm sure there's a reason for it, but what is it that made scroller containers' content use "translate3d" instead of the scroller container using "overflow: auto" to achieve a natural os scroll? It's sure smoother because it's normal scroll, rather than JS powered.

It's things like these that I'd like to discuss and hear from developers, and perhaps come up with possible solutions.

I really do believe one day we'll all be developing mobile apps with ST2 and Phonegap.

17 Jan 2012, 7:06 AM
Keeping the DOM lightweight is a key. Android and CSS3 do not work that well, Android 4 looks to be performing better in this space.

17 Jan 2012, 7:57 AM
Good point, I also found out that background images perform way better than css3 gradients, this is another key. Do you know Mitchell why are we forced to use translate3d and not a simple overflow: auto container?

17 Jan 2012, 8:00 AM
Using native scroller would interfere with our scroller to provide cross-device normalization. The browser in Android 3 sucks, when we did tests (with and without ST) the browser lacks a lot.