View Full Version : Ext.tree.Panel with more than 1000 rows

18 Jan 2012, 12:18 AM
Hi extjs gyry!

I have a problem with rendering treePanel.
When i load all tree nodes (nearly 1000) it takes more than 30 sec.
So i decide to load nodes only when user click expand nodes.
At the begining i load only 5 root nodes it takes 1-2 sec., but when i click to expand root node with 100 child, it takes 200 ms to load nodes data and more than 12 sec to show (render) them on the tree panel.

So question is how can i make it to be quicker? It is quicker to load all the tree behind scene or can i disable animated efects or there is another good component or different solution?

I will appreciate your advice. Thanks.

18 Jan 2012, 6:16 AM
There really isn't much you can do. 4.1.0 brought many improvements to performance of trees.