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23 Jan 2012, 9:37 PM

We have an infinite scrolling grid.We have been using this in Ext-4.0. We now started testing the same in Ext-js 4.1 beta and have found few issues.

Attached the code in the zip file.I have commented out the override given to us in Ext-4.0(ticket-4444)

The grid has 1007 pages and the page size is set as 50.

First 50 items show up, If I try to scroll beyond that, none of the items in grid show up.

I tried to debug, commented out the start caculation in guaranteeRange method in Ext.date.Store.
line no:47576 in ext-all-debug.js

guaranteeRange: function(start, end, cb, scope) { end = (end > this.totalCount) ? this.totalCount - 1 : end; ........ if (me.rangeSatisfied(start, end)) {
} else { //start = Math.min(Math.max(start - me.numFromEdge - ((me.leadingBufferZone - me.trailingBufferZone) / 2), 0), me.totalCount - me.pageSize); end = start + (me.pageSize - 1); startPage = me.getPageFromRecordIndex(start); endPage = me.getPageFromRecordIndex(end); }
After this pages showed up in the grid.But I found one more issue.

If the total pages is 1007, only 1006 pages show and the last one is empty.
Similarly if total is 521, only 520 show up.But if total 520, it works fine.

Can you please let us know about this.

23 Jan 2012, 9:40 PM
Attached the code