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23 Jan 2012, 9:55 PM
Hey all,

Hope this isn't super basic and obvious, but I was wondering the best way to use XTemplates if all I have is access to a store. It seems like you need to pass a pretty raw data object in for an XTemplate to work, so is there a good way to parse the store down to just it's data as an object? Again, I apologize if this is incredibly easy, I've been messing around with it and can't seem to figure it out.

24 Jan 2012, 7:04 AM
You can iterate through the store to create an array of objects:

var recs = store.getData().items, //get all records
r = 0,
rNum = recs.length,
data = [];

for (; r < rNum; r++) {
data.push(recs[r].getData()); //grab the data object off the rec and push to data array

Just typing off the top of my head and trying to think of the new stuff in PR4 at the same time. You should get the idea at least though.

24 Jan 2012, 7:39 AM
I do have a similar question:
We used to be able to use Ext.DataView for that exact purpose, but since the "tpl" option in DataView was deprecated in favor of "itemTpl" (also see this thread (http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?160429-Dataview-itemtpl-vs-tpl&)) the DataView component is basically the same as List without default styling.

Is there any way the old DataView functionality, i.e. loading structured data from a store and applying it directly to a template without a bloated DOM, is coming back in some form?

24 Jan 2012, 7:49 AM
This did the trick, thanks. I thought there might be something built in (sounds from the other post like there once was) but this method is simple enough.

One interesting thing I noticed using the XTemplate, if I put in an <hr> tag (horizontal line) to divide up the different templated sections, it appears as a vertical line, and the text blocks become separated laterally as opposed to vertically! Quite the opposite of what I was expecting...

25 Jan 2012, 4:39 PM
I would elect to use a data view. It does * a lot * of the work for you.