View Full Version : Charts 3.0 beta 2 Y Axis Numeric Label on the Edge not displayed

27 Jan 2012, 11:21 AM
I am using ext gwt 3.0 beta 2. I am working on TimeAxis with Numberic Y-Axis.

I see that that the Last value on Y-Axis does not get displayed. Even , when the Y-Axis Intervals, should end with that Number on theEdge of Y Axis. I have attached a Screen shot of my problem.

In the screen shot, you would see. I have a data point for Number 300. But, the Y-Axis does NOT display 300 in Y-Axis Label, even when the interval distribution should display. After 270 , there should be 300 as a Label for Y -Axis. Please do let me know.

Also, sometime, some labels on X-Axis dont appear, i am not sure if those are inter related.

Thanks for your help in advance.