View Full Version : scrolling FormPanel blocks text input, unable to move cursor in text(area) field

29 Jan 2012, 5:04 AM
if you create a form panel which needs you to scroll to view all form elements and you scroll down to a textarea/text input field you can type text but you cannot move the cursor anymore, accept auto-completion nor bring up the iOS "select,copy,paste" options. Tap events are just completely blocked.

Platform tested against:

iOS 4

Steps to reproduce the problem:
Open the Kitchen Sink sample App in iOS, go to Forms example:
Tap in the "Name" field - when you type text and double-tap you get the iOS select, copy, paste options and you can move the corsor. Everything is fine.

Now, scroll down to the "Bio" textarea, tap into it and type some text.
Try to double tap to bring up the iOS "select,copy,paste" options - nothing happens. You are even unable to move the cursor within the textarea. It looks like no touch events are being forwarded to the input field. Tried to set "useMask: false" on the textarea with no effect.
The "Name" field now has the same problem.

This problem only occours when you have a form panel where you need to scroll to reach all form elements. Small form panels without scrolling behave correctly.

The result that was expected:
we always want to be able to move the text cursor or bring up the "select,copy,paste" options - whether we need to scroll the form panel or not