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31 Jan 2012, 9:52 AM

we are still developping our application and we have decided to migrate to GXT3.0 because of the big work it is. But be most closer to GWT is i think a good idea.

1 - In legacy i think dispatcher have bug in method:
private void dispatch(AppEvent event, boolean createhistory) {
BeforeAppEvent before = new BeforeAppEvent(event);
if (before.isCanceled()) {
... i think the test shoud be !before.isCanceled() to dispatch othre controllers.

2 - TextButton still show pointer hand when it'is disabled
3 - Tree expand is still possible when it'is disabled
4 - why interface isField doesn't have the method getName()? it should be great when you want to build a action url for formPanel!!
5 - is there a beta 3 planned and when the first release?

Frédéric BASTIDE