View Full Version : Ext.map controls being rendered beneath map.

1 Feb 2012, 11:27 AM
I hope you guys can help.. i have been sitting for 2 days trying to figure out why my google maps controls are being rendered beneath the actual map.

this screenshot was taken just after i had just dragged the map down before it had a chance to load the new map section.

Strangely enough i can stil grab and drag the streetview man onto map even when its covered by map although it drags that image onto the map.



var map = new Ext.Map({
title: 'Map',
getLocation: true,

mapOptions : {
zoom : 12,

// the page that displays map
var page = new Ext.Panel({
layout: 'fit',
items: map
is what i use to create the map.
The only thing i could find on the net is that my css might be breaking it but this works in google chrome.

Device samsung galaxy tab 10.1
OS : android 3.2
sencha touch latest 1.x
phonegap 1.4.0

these errors appear in logcat
02-01 21:09:14.810: E/libEGL(14714): call to OpenGL ES API with no current context (logged once per thread)
02-01 21:09:14.810: D/ShaderProgram(14714): couldn't load the vertex shader!

Im not sure if this has anything to do with the problem.

If i load the kitchen sink example from the web onto a webkit browser and go to map example it works like a bomb. so im sure its something i am doing. any ideas?

1 Feb 2012, 11:38 AM
You can check the z-index but google manages those controls.

1 Feb 2012, 12:14 PM
i thought about that but like u mentioned google controls that and it seems good in google and webkit browser. i think it has something to do with phonegap.