View Full Version : Can i have 2 independent graphs in same chart? using the same store?

1 Feb 2012, 11:43 AM
Can i create 2 or more independent graphs/series in same Chart. And as per my understanding. A chart can have only 1 store. on Time Axis graph.

Basically i will fill series.setYField(xxx); series.setYField(yyy);

But, the real problem is, that.. Store is only 1. And 1 graph might have a value for Object, which Other graph might Not have. And i cannot put "Null" as a value, which gives "Null pointer exception".

What do i do in such scenario? where 2 graphs might be independent, but share like X-Axis "time axis". But while creating Store Array Data, i cannot put Null for one of the Yaxis field, if it does not have a any value at that data point?

6 Feb 2012, 4:20 PM
Does the mixed example fit your needs? http://sencha.com/examples-dev/#ExamplePlace:mixedchart

5 Mar 2012, 5:50 PM
Mixed Charts does not help us.

My point is, when using mixed chart, if there is bar chart and a line chart. What if there is no data point for a marker where there is a bar chart.
Basically, the bar chart and line chart might have independent points, (some points might be null for 1 chart, some might be null of other).

The current charts, does not handle Null values .How do i achieve this.

12 Mar 2012, 11:26 AM
In the most recent release line charts now support null and NaN values as shown in the line example http://sencha.com/examples-dev/#ExamplePlace:linechart