View Full Version : Problem with RowExpander dispaying a panel in IE

6 Feb 2012, 3:05 PM
We have a couple of places on our site where we have a grid using a RowExpander and when the row is expanded we create a panel that is rendered to the body value returned by the expand event. This works fine in Firefox and Chrome, but the display of the panel is all messed up in IE. Has anyone else experienced this or have a suggestion on how to resolve it.

7 Feb 2012, 6:05 AM
What do you mean messed up? You will need to take care of sizing when you render a component into an element.

7 Feb 2012, 11:17 AM
Here's an example of what I'm doing:

listeners: {
expand: function(re, rec, bd, rowindex){
try {
var w = obj.getWidth()-25;
if (Ext.isIE) w = w - 30;
var pnl = new SystemData.panel.InvoiceEditor({
border: false,
renderTo: bd,
managerId: obj.id,
id: 'panelInvoiceEditor'+rec.data.invoiceid,
invoiceid: rec.data.invoiceid,
associated_invoice_count: rec.data.associated_invoice_count,
stage_name: rec.data.stage_name,
status_name: rec.data.status_name,
summary_status: rec.data.summary_status,
amount_paid: rec.data.amount_paid,
due_date: rec.data.due_date,
owner_system_data_display_name: rec.data.owner_json.display_name,
owner_system_data_type: rec.data.owner_json.system_data_type,
owner_system_data_typeid: rec.data.owner_json.id,
obj.state = 'edit';
} catch (e) {

And here is the display in Firefox:
And here is the display in IE:

In this case the issue is with the toolbar display getting messed up.