View Full Version : Extjs 3.4 textfield is not visible in chrome browser

8 Feb 2012, 11:23 PM
Hi ,

I am facing a new problem with extjs textfield in chrome browser.
In chrome my 'textfiled' is not visible.
But, it's working fine in Mozilla.

My requirement is like this . . .

1) I have a button on click of it we move to another page.
2) On this page i have 2 radio button and again one button
and on click of this button my fieldset become visible that cantaining textfield.
In monzilla it's working fine.But,in chrome it's not coming.

One more thing i wanna to add ,if i directly show the fieldset of step -2 on click of
step-1 button,than text field is visible.;)
(But,according to requirement it's a wrong way :s )
So,Please help me on this .


9 Feb 2012, 7:34 AM
Any errors? I'm not really following what you are saying, any sample code I could run?

9 Feb 2012, 9:34 PM
thanks for reply...
But,Sorry I'm not able give code.

But,once again i tried to explain you

Step-1) I have a page on which a button is there.On click of it i rendered to another page.

Step-2) After,render on this page.I have two radio button and one button.

Step 3) On selecting one radio button and click on button. One fieldset will appear that have textfield .

In Mozilla it's working fine.But in chrome it's not visible.

I tried to show you code ,if you still not getting my problem.

10 Mar 2013, 1:19 AM
I know its too late but even I am facing the same issue as this one. I have created the textfield. The field is visible in mozilla firefox but its not in chrome.

Why is it happening?

If you want my code I can post the post it.