View Full Version : onRender when is it called

9 Feb 2012, 6:38 AM
I understand that there is good documentation about onRender and when it is called. However, I would like to make sure I am on the right path. Please consider the below scenario:

OnLoad -->
1. Container A is created i.e. constructor starts
2. In the constructor of container A we create Container B
3. We call certain methods of Container B[setting some properties of ours, none of the existing properties which affect DOM] in the constructor of container A
4. In the methods mentioned above, we also create a container C and add it to the container B by calling the add function.
4. Constructor of A ends
5. onRender of A starts
6. We add container B to container A in the onRender of A
7. onRender of B starts
8. onRender of C starts

Is my understanding correct that the first 6 steps will always be in order. I understand that 7 and 8 can happen anytime but first 6 will always happen before step7 and step8. Is it possible that onRender of C can be called before the first steps complete. I can try to write a quick example to explain what I mean here. Thanks a lot for any help,