View Full Version : Deploy vs Save vs Export Project

9 Feb 2012, 1:09 PM
Two questions:

Saving a project now seems to write out files. App, View, Model, etc. It used to be that you had to "Save" and the click "Export Project." Has "Export Project" now become a part of "Save" or is "Deploy" the replacement for "Export Project?"
Both Saving and Deploying are overwriting the files that I am supposed to hand-edit (the ones that are not in the UI folder). Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

9 Feb 2012, 3:01 PM
We're working on heaps of documentation that should address lots of these issues you are asking but heres the short term answer :)

Designer 2.x uses an entire directory for its project structure rather than a single file. There are lots of benefits to this, the first one is being able to collaborate with more people easily and to work with source control.

Designer 2's approach of using a directory is that you always have all of the stuff you need to run the client side of your application. We refer to this as a "working directory".

"Export Project" in Designer 2.x is going to be renamed to "Archive Project" because it has a completely different purpose than Designer 1's "Export Project". Creating an archive of the project compresses it into a single archive file that you can distribute easily.

We are now suggesting that you do all of your work inside of the designer. There is currently a design flaw/bug that will not allow you to hand edit the impl files while the designer is running. If you close down the project you should be able to edit the file without designer changing the meaning of the code. THe same goes for controllers. Regardless both the implementation view classes and controller classes are going to be opened and brought into designer and then reflected back out.