View Full Version : Problem with the property list filter

11 Feb 2012, 5:41 PM
The property list filter is great for helping to find a specific property or a group of them. It will be great if the behavior can be made consistent when changing any property.

Suppose you filter to 'margin' then change the margin value and press enter or otherwise cause the value field to blur. The value is accepted, the design is updated and the property list remains filtered. This is great because the same value can be modified several times until the required visual effect is achieved.

Now suppose you filter to 'layout' and change the layout from 'auto' to vbox. When the value is accepted the whole page seems to update and although the filter text is still shown, the property list is no longer filtered. Instead, the filter box must be selected and the [Enter] button pressed to restore the filter.

It will be great if the behavior in the 'layout' scenario can be replaced with the behavior of the 'margin' scenario.

24 May 2012, 10:15 PM
I agree.. A similar discussion is here: