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15 Feb 2012, 9:48 PM
Totally newbie here trying to get my head around what is inside the 4.0.7 SDK. According to the getting started guide here...


...I (http://www.sencha.com/learn/getting-started-with-ext-js-4/) should dump the entire SDK in my webapp directory....but it also says the only <script> file I need to reference is "ext-debug.js"

I guess my first question is how much of the SDK do I really need to put inside my app?

Followup questions are:

1) what is the difference between ext-all-debug.js and ext-debug.js?
2) what is the "src" directory in the SDK for?
3) what is the "pkgs" directory in the SDK for?
4) what is the bootstrap.js, ext.js, ext-dev.js files for?

Is there some place I can go that can give me a file by file or directory by directory explanation of what is in the SDK and why I might need it?

Thanks for helping the new guy....

16 Feb 2012, 5:04 AM
You don't need the entire folder.

ext-all-debug.js contains all the classes. ext-debug.js only contains the core of the framework, no widgets.

The src folder is the unminified source of the framework.

pkgs is some packages. They are like ext-debug.js but only contain certain classes.

bootstrap.js tries to be smart about which framework file to use. If your hostname is localhost, if your hostname is an IP or you are using the file protocol it will include ext-all-debug.js. This file has been removed in the 4.1.0 branch.

ext.js is ext-debug.js but is minified. ext-dev.js is like ext-debug.js only with some debugging tools in it.