View Full Version : Build only Concatenates... does not compress/minify app-all.js empty

1 Mar 2012, 9:09 PM
I am using SDK Tools downloaded from the site a moment agoand trying to build an app for Extjs 2.3 .

I have an app that has 50+ js files that i can successfully build a package for but the build file stays at 0 KB.

I am using the following approach:
In the jsb2 file i have something like this.

"projectName" : "Super Project",
"pkgs" : [{
"name" : "uibundle",
"file" : "uibundle-all.js",
"fileIncludes" : [{
"text" : "app.js",
"path" : "../app/"
}, {
"text" : "app2.js",
"path" : "../app/"

"builds" : [{
"name" : "Super",
"target" : "/builds/super.js",
"debug" : true,
"compress" : true,
"options" : {
"minVersion" : 1.1
"packages" : ["uibundle"]

using the following command

JSBuilder -p "/Users/username/Projects/SuperProject/super.jsb2" -d "/Users/username/Projects/SuperProject/builds/" -v

I get this returned:

Loading the Super Project Project
Loaded 1 Packages
Loaded 1 Builds

Creating the "uibundle" target as "uibundle-all.js"
- 2 file(s) included in this target.
+ ../app/app.js
+ ../app/app2.js

Creating the "Super" target as "/builds/super.js"
- 1 package(s) included in this target.
* Parse /builds/super.js with options:
- debug: true
- debugLevel: 1
* Compress and obfuscate uibundle-all.js...

Done building!

it builds up uibundle-all.js but super.js is 0 bytes

When i use this approach in my app that has 50+ js files it concatenates them all in the package file but does nothing for the build file.

When i tried to pair down this approach to simply build one file it did the same thing. The single file is really basic and has no errors in it and i still had the same problem. It builds the package file but not the build.

Any ideas?

2 Mar 2012, 9:27 AM
Extract the zip to any folder and run the following

JSBuilder -p '<folder>/app.jsb2' -d '<folder>/Builds/'
where <folder> is path to the extracted files eg: /Users/bhaidaya/Documents/test/

It builds the package up but does not put anything into the build file.

I must be using this wrong but i cannot find any documentation for JSbuilder other that the two text readme files which seem out dated and have no indication of a bunch of the features that seem required.. (namely the 'build' and 'options' properties in the jsb2 project file).

Are there other alternatives to this approach?