View Full Version : Deploy in Designer V2.0.0 Build: 298

7 Mar 2012, 7:42 AM
First, I'm excited about the new Designer 2.0.

Suggestions about deploy:
Usability wise, I got stuck attempting to deploy my project. I thought the red underlining indicated that the path was invalid, which is somewhat vague. Is it possible to pop-up an actual error message instead that shows the reason it keeps failing? I was initially confused at what the error was trying to communicate. I understood the red line was indicating an error, it wasn't until I accidentally moused over the area that I saw what it was complaining about. That deploying to the same folder as the project isn't allowed.

I thought the deploy function would also minify and consolidate the files in my project. It appears to just copy the files to another location. Is it possible to integrate this function into the deploy? At least have a project setting that allows that to be a possible option for those that want it?


7 Mar 2012, 10:06 AM
This needs work, no question about it. Thanks for the suggestions, we'll keep that in mind while re-working the UX of this process. At this point big changes are not likely to make it in the final version but it's definitely something we'll improve in a point release.