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14 Mar 2012, 9:33 AM

I have a form that submits via AJAX, in the return object more values are set as submitted, because for example a newly created record gets an ID assigned by the server. But the form does not reflect those changes of the record.

How do I get the updated record from the batch, after calling store.sync(), and feed the updated record into the form?

This seems a bit hacky for my taste?

store.sync({success: function(batch, options) {updateFormRecord(form, batch)}});

updateFormRecord = function(form, batch) {
if(batch.isComplete) {
for(var i in batch.operations) {
if(batch.operations[i].action == 'create') {
var record = batch.operations[i].records[0];

14 Mar 2012, 9:55 AM
Ext version you are using?
after calling store.sync() all the updated records will be set back to the store, you dont have to do anything.
your http request its correct ? did you verify is what you expect ?
your http response its correct ? did you verify is what you expect ?
and before sending the record to the form, did you verify that record had the expected data after the operation was finished ?

btw i guess form only edits 1 record from the store right ? why you sync the store when theres only one record thats begin edited ? so its clear to know which record you need to load to the form again.
its valid to edit many records and hold them in a store and then do a sync, but i guess you are only editing one record at time, because after the sync you are loading one record back to the form.

try something like

// to load an existent record to the form
record = myStore.getAt(34); // or Ext.create('myModel'); to creaty an new record.

// in another handler
// to save those changes
values = form.getValues();
record = myStore.getAt(34); // or Ext.create('myModel') to save a new record.
{ console.log(record); // check the record and its data and verify everything is as you expected.
// do some stuff like loading the record back to the form

remember to check http request and the response, and then with console.log(record) or record.getData() check if (after the response) has the correct data

(bad english)

15 Mar 2012, 2:02 AM
Thanks. I am using 4.1 B3 right now.

I read that the record has a save function. But somehow I havn't made the connection to use it here. You are totally right. That makes it much easier.

But now I have another question ;)

If the operation is not successful I return the following:

{"success":false,"message":"Could not find entity"}

But the operation has not a response object. How do I access the error message in that case?

21 Mar 2012, 6:33 PM
do this

callback: function(record,operation){

if (!operation.response.success)
{ console.log(operation.response.message);
... do other stuff ...
// you can mark a form field as invalid with the messga
field = this.basicForm.findField('someFormField');
else {
... do other stuff ...