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16 Mar 2012, 11:20 PM

I am new to extjs and would like to know what will be the best way to implement something like the yahoo news carousel as seen at www.yahoo.com (http://www.yahoo.com). There is a strip of thumbnails for the news articles at the bottom that we can move like a slider and the large image on the top that changes when we hover over the thumbnail and also at a set time interval.

I saw a couple of example of carousel for extjs3.0 but not for 4.0. Also all of them show only one image at the center and not multiple images on one page. Any pointers on what I can try or any examples that will help will be of great help.

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19 Mar 2012, 5:01 AM
You can use a regular Component and set the html to images wrapped in a <div> showing them inline and animate the <div> 's position so each image comes into view.