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25 Mar 2012, 7:26 PM
I do not think the profile in Sencha is a good feature. When the application needs to be adapted for more and more handsets or tablets, it will make the client package so heavay and hard to maintain. And also it seems client needs to download all the code for all the terminal.
That means it makes application in the client enviroment so complex. Also I guess maybe it will effect the client performance.

So I think the adaptation should be done in the server or before the package.
The client should add more information about itself in the request. Normally the information will be added in the HTTP UserAgent field. Such as screen size, model and os.

For example, when we make a package or publish a online service for a special handset. The system can automaticaly recognize which adaptation it belongs to and
precompiling or packaging procedure then collect all the code it needs.

That means maybe we should give a mix architecture (both in the server side and client side) to resolve the adaptation problem. Maybe even using server code to
generate Javascript code, anyway, for the server, Javascript code is a type of String.

26 Mar 2012, 7:00 AM
So what happens when you don't have connectivity? The server isn't reachable.

Profiles on the client is a fantastic idea. So far there are two types of mobile devices, phones and tablets. If you want to support more than that it's up to you. I usually have 3, unsupported, phone, tablet and it works great!

26 Mar 2012, 5:31 PM
Yes, I believe it works fine if just supporting few phones and tablets. But I guess in the near future the framework has to support many more different models, especially for the screen size. Maybe it is a trouble.

When the application package is published , at that moment we can know which model we should support, so maybe just do server emulating , and then create the certain package.
As the developer view, I think we can get the unified application architecture,
And as the user's view, it is the different.

Why I ask this , because in my current service, it is the online video service,we have to support more than three hundred models. They have different screen size , different OS, handset capacity. The adaptation is always hard work.
Of course now we implement the service with native OS. But I think HTML5 is good for unified the service architecture.
And sencha is so beautiful and make it possible.

26 Mar 2012, 5:49 PM
ST aims at cross-platform capabilities therefore you shouldn't need more than a couple profiles. I think you are over-thinking this quite a bit.