View Full Version : Datefield format and altFormat possible bug

27 Mar 2012, 3:23 AM
I've set:

format: 'j.n.Y.',
altFormat: 'j.n.y|j.n.Y.|j.n.Y|d.m.y.|d.m.y|d.m.Y.|d.m.Y' in datefield
and when I try to type in date for example "13.3.12" or 13.3.12." it does not work. Whatever I type, if it does not end with full, four digits year and dot, it returns "this.getFullYear" is not a function.

If I change definition of format to 'j.n.y." then date must end with two digits year and dot.

I'm processing input with: Ext.Date.format(d.getValue(),'Y-m-d')

Am I doing something wrong or this might be a bug? ExtJS version 4.0.7. Firefox 10.0.3, CentOS.