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siebe vos
28 Mar 2012, 2:06 AM
Until now I used Ext Designer 1.2. But since that version has slide problems with layout managers (not configuring them by default, like Sencha Designer correctly does) I switched to Sencha Designer. The version works nice and smooth no problems at all. But when I deploy my app I don't see any results in my browser screen, I just created a simple window (fit layout) with the default three tabpages out of the box. When I deploy it it says correctly saved. When I preview it I also get the browser started. In my FF 11.0 console FB 1.10.0a5 window I see that all sources are loaded correctly, no error messages. Unfortunately I can't set a breakpoint in the debugger. This is because of the dc_ version numbers that change all the time (can't I switch this off?) and because of the file changes the breakpoint does not remain. Anyhow I don't see any problems and I don't know why this is not working :-/.

I hope you can help me out.
deployment: 33230
sources: 33232
screenshots: 33236


Siebe Vos

siebe vos
28 Mar 2012, 4:48 AM
Had to put autoShow on in Window property. Sorry for this bug-report:s