View Full Version : Value of TextField in EditorGrid can't set

29 Mar 2012, 4:25 AM

I made an EditorGrid has 4 columns, columns types are textfield<string>. First one of columns is name of production, second one is price, third one is life time. I fill these three columns with keyboard and I wanna calculate price / life time to write in fourth column.

I can get values of price and life time fields, evaluate division and write in fourth column BUT text of text field doesnt display. I commit changes of list store, update selected object, refresh grid and call layout method of panel contains of grid. I can not show text of 4. columns but its getValue() method can return value, it is set.

How can I show text of it in grid column ?

2 Apr 2012, 5:33 AM
I solved it :) I wanna write the answer to help others who has same problem.

My object in grid every line extends BaseModel class as excepted but I used automatic generating set and get method, thus set and get methods of data members in this class are generated by Eclipse editor defaultly. However, set and get method of this class must be special like :


first arg. of set method is textfield id, second arg is textfield value. setValue method doesnt work in grid.
Similary, get method return value with taken arg., this arg. is id of textfield.