View Full Version : How to change the direction of the label or rotate the panel text in extjs 4

1 Apr 2012, 5:30 AM

I am new to extjs 4. I have a issue with xtype : panel.

I created a xtype panel and kept the headerPosition 'left'. However by default the text alignment is from top to bottom.
Ex : I named the panel as SAMPLE , so it starts from Top with 'S' and ends at the bottom with 'E'.

For me I want to Reverse the Direction of the label.

Can any one help me pls..

2 Apr 2012, 8:18 AM
You would have to change Ext.panel.Header. Search for textConfig and notice the rotate key

3 Apr 2012, 2:42 AM

I din't find textConfig in extjs 4 EXT.panel.Header,

can u pls post an example.