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2 Apr 2012, 12:54 AM
I am evaluating ext-JS 4.0 and designer 1.2.2 for use in client side web site development. We are currently using a range of technologies with Jquery/UI being the most modern.
After a little time going through the tutorial car sales pages I have some observations.

Designer places generated files and files that need to be edited and kept in the same directories. This seems to make it hard to work out which files should be under revision control. Is it common practice to just put the generated files under revision control?
With the delayed loading of the js files it seems impossible to find the js file in firebug to allow the placing of breakpoints. This makes firebug a lot less useful than we are used to. Is there a way of getting around this? Different debugger?
Do you have any tutorials targeting developers that are use to jQuery to quickly learn extJS


2 Apr 2012, 4:19 AM
I haven't used Designer so I can't talk to 1), but re: the others:

2) I use firebug constantly and don't seem to have a problem opening async loaded .js files and setting breakpoints in the scripts tab the same way I do with non extjs sites.

3) When switching between ExtJs and jQuery I tend to use them the same way, expecting the same functionality to exist and googling for it. At the core they are both trying to hide the same browser warts and so have a lot of analogous helper functions. Otoh, ExtJS's MVC and components have no analog in jQuery :P

2 Apr 2012, 11:42 AM
Hi dogmatic,
Thanks for the reply.
2) I have attached two screen shots from firebug which I too use all the time. The network tab definitely shows my CutomerDetail.js file being loaded but it does not show in the script tab. Do you know how to place a breakpoint in the file? With my normal development if a file is in the network tab then it also appears in the script.


3 Apr 2012, 4:50 AM
Super weird, maybe designer is messing with it somehow. You tried opening the list and typing the file name?

Worst case you can put debugger; lines in your code and reload.