View Full Version : ghost(): is there a way to add afteranimate event?

10 Apr 2012, 1:54 AM

Using the examples/shared/examples.js
sample, it does slideIn then fade out with ghost:

m.slideIn('t').ghost("t", { delay: 1000, remove: true });

I'd like to add a function as a param and call it when the ghost event is finished.
Is there a way to add an afteranimate event to the ghost function?

I've managed to add a afteranimate event, but with Ext.fx.Anim:

new Ext.fx.Anim({
target: m,
duration: 2000,
from: {
to: {
width: 600, //end width 300
height: 600 // end width 300
}).on('afteranimate', function() {