View Full Version : accessing a stores data object

10 Apr 2012, 6:19 AM
i am new to sencha touch and probably my question seems stupid to you. i used to code my apps in jquery mobile and wanted to give sencha touch a try. i studied the docs and the tuts but i cannot find an answer. first of all i succeeded in defining a model, create a store (which uses a jsonp proxy) and render the results in a nestedlist view. and all that without actually knowing where and how to access the response from the remote server. for instance: how can i simply console.log the server response of the proxie's jsonp request? isn't there a success function i could use? i tried a lot like specifying a callback, success, and also the afterRequest. So my silly little question is how can i access the data object of a store from within and outside the store object?
thanks a lot for reading this

10 Apr 2012, 6:30 AM
i must have to do with posting here. i think i have found one answer. at least for accessing the object outsite the store/ i "simply" put an on() listener to the store listening to the load event and then log the data object