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13 Apr 2012, 5:18 AM
OK, I come from the Flash world working off a main timeline, movie clips action script etc. I have a project where I need to re create a 5 page Flash site in HTML5. I have basic knowledge of Adobe Edge and Tumult Hype. I re created the homepage of the flash site on both platforms, but I run into various problems when doing the animation for the rest of the pages.

Edge- no way of playing and linking the same timeline by ( labels) navigated by buttons. Only way is to link thru swapping out divs in html pages

Hype- a bit better for this, able to play scenes linked thru buttons. Problem here is I need a slider created with buttons that would play left play right and stop on rollout. Only way to do in Hype is to write javascript for the buttons

Flash allowed you to use one timeline and navigate to a section of that timeline playing what ever was on those layers

Before I get into Sencha Animator can someone recommend a tute as well as comment on what it would take to create the project in SA and if I would have to resort to writing javascript to do. I do see a nice image on circular path demo which is part of another project I have to do in html5

I downloaded the trial , but never got to use, I accessed today and see it ran out.




13 Apr 2012, 7:56 AM
We have a blogpost maybe hitting on some of your questions

Animator supports scenes. It doesn't support jumping to different places in the timeline. Not fully sure what you mean by your slider button, but sounds like you might have to add some JS in Animator for that.