View Full Version : Native packaging architect projects issues

20 Apr 2012, 3:49 AM
Currently packaging on windows 7 is a little bit buggy.
I solved this by doing it inside eclipse using ant tasks.

For me the internal native packaging does not work!

Actually using sencha-touch-2.0.1-rc with SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta2-windows.exe
you need to have a sdk folder containing needed resources and also inside your project
you need a .senchasdk file pointing out to sdk path.

To get a working testing build the Ext.loader needs class requires for all used src components.
Currently it is not possible to add such requieres to architected class.
The browser has to run without async loading warnings to get a clean build!

So why not to make it possible to add requires[] entries inside Application and Classes?

Also the packer dialog does not support all needed options for native packaging!
The lattest release still need the option "bundleSeedId" to fullfill a working native package.
Beside this i miss options orientation and certificatePassword!

Only using the touch sdk packager instead global sdk packager compiles a working native app.

Why should i deploy my project inisde Architect?
The build tools can directly work on Architect Project dir and build into a relative subdir what is not possible to set by project setting. I know that the sdk tool ran into recursive loop using relative deploy dir but it works using touch/sdk!

Did i understood the Architect environment wrong?
I think we habe the same restrictions like writing apps without Architect and should use the same tools.

Cheers Holger