View Full Version : putting in bad URL for URL Prefix causes crash on store load

20 Apr 2012, 8:00 AM
I was a cisco yesterday and somehow my macbook decided when I browsed locally to stick a funky name in as the domain. I cut and paste it to the URL Prefix field as shown in the attachment. This morning, when I run the designer (not at Cisco), I started writing a blog post about the cool "preview json" feature and as soon as I hit the "load data", I got an "undefined" crash. See pictures below

BTW, this is the twitter sample provided by you guys.

OK, as I continue to test, I find that when I change to localhost, it still fails (but only first time when I launch SA, after that it does not crash, it just does not work). Maybe it's JSONP? on to trying a JSON example... JSON example worked find with no crashing.

Also, here is my blog post (shameless plug): http://peterkellner.net/2012/04/20/using-sencha-architect-and-previewing-a-json-feed-for-inclusion-in-the-app/