View Full Version : Many Issues on Poor Little editor property of Ext.grid.column.Column

21 Apr 2012, 8:05 AM
I've got several suggestions around the editor property

1) it should be a dropdown of the xtype as well as let me put my own function declaration type. Samples on line refer to the value as the function name, not the xtype
2) if I type in the xtype without quotes, it should show me without quotes
3) This value should be in the "most used" choice

otherwise, going swimming well with the release of SA. still getting too many "undefined" type crashes that I have not been able to repeat. It's happened doing things like moving the order of tabs around, back spacing bad entries in scripts and other various innocuous things I've done. If you have some way to fix those crashes, I'd make that a high priority. I've seen the crashes running on both mac and windows. Do you have a way to capture the stack trace of a crash and auto send it in? I'd be sending a lot of them.