View Full Version : Disable "Add to contacts" and "Copy"

23 Apr 2012, 6:01 AM
Hello everyone!
I'm creating an application that populates a Dataview through a store.
In this store I have a numeric string field that is automatically interpreted by sencha as phone number: it is represented by a link which, when clicked, brings up a window with the options "Add to contacts" and "Copy".
How can I avoid this behavior by displaying a simple string of numbers?

Thanks :)

25 Apr 2012, 6:00 AM
Sencha shouldn't be doing the auto phone number link, that is a browser behavior.

25 Apr 2012, 11:39 PM
Yes it's true... As they say: you learn when you're wrong!
I did a little research and found this html line...

<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no" />

When I've added it to sencha index, phone number autodetection of safari was disabled and so the problem was fixed. For more information:

Thanks for the help mitchellsimoens
Good job!