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24 Apr 2012, 12:01 AM
Recently, I updated the sencha sdk (2.0.1-rc) and sdk tools (beta2). Since i did this, when i try to build my application, the process does not finish.

C:\monIntranet\xampplite\webdav\App>sencha app build native
[INFO] Deploying your application to C:\monIntranet\xampplite\webdav\App\build\p
[INFO] Copied sdk/sencha-touch.js
[INFO] Copied app.js
[INFO] Copied resources/css/app.css
[INFO] Copied resources/images
[INFO] Copied resources/icons
[INFO] Copied resources/loading
[INFO] Resolving your application dependencies (file:///C:/monIntranet/xampplite
[INFO] Found 217 dependencies. Concatenating all into 'C:\monIntranet\xampplite\
[INFO] Processed sdk/sencha-touch.js
[INFO] Minifying sdk/sencha-touch.js
[INFO] Processed app.js
[INFO] Minifying app.js
[INFO] Minifying resources/css/app.css
[INFO] Minified sdk/sencha-touch.js
[INFO] Minified app.js
[INFO] Minified resources/css/app.css
[INFO] Generated app.json
[INFO] Embedded microloader into index.html
[INFO] Packaging your application as a native app...


Please Help.

25 Apr 2012, 11:43 AM
Have you tried with 2.0.1 final and SDK Tools 3? You will need to upgrade your app first