View Full Version : SplitBar accidentally becoming disabled on TabPanel.

25 Apr 2012, 1:22 AM

I have a TabPanel with two tabs; one of the tabs ("Tab A") uses a BorderLayout with a SplitBar, and the other one ("Tab B") doesn't. Each tab displays a particular view of common underlying data. However, I have discovered that the SplitBar can be broken as follows:

a) Select Tab B, so that Tab A is hidden.
b) Reload the underlying data; the contents of both tabs is also updated (correctly).
c) Switch back to Tab A, and now the SplitBar is frozen / disabled.

Reloading the underlying data while Tab A is displayed reenables the SplitBar again, so I'm hoping that "things" can't be broken too badly.

I'm guessing that I need to "poke" the SplitBar somehow when I reload the tabs' contents, but the documentation on this subject seems to be a bit thin. Can anyone suggest what might be happening here, please?