View Full Version : Architect / Ext / Touch out of sync

25 Apr 2012, 8:43 AM
Locking into the current block concerning Touch 2 MVC i found out that

As you can see, the syntax for references has slightly changed. The old refs block looked like the following.

refs: [{ ref: 'stationsList', selector: 'stationslist' }]

The refs value has changed from being an array to being an object. Each key in the object represents the name of the references and the value is the ComponentQuery. In the previous articles, we also explained how you can leverage autoCreate and forceCreate to automatically create instances of the components you are selecting if they donít exist on the page yet. In the new syntax, you could achieve that by doing the following.

refs: { stationsList: { selector: 'stationslist', autoCreate: true } }

The value here becomes a configuration object where the selector is your ComponentQuery.

How will Architect get such API changes in Sync with the Touch developers?

Currently Architect does not depend/ask for used Release but i think this will we needed for upcomming releases!

On start Architect support Touch 2.0.x and Ext 4.0.x but this changes are in currently released 2.0.1!

Also Ext JS 4.1 has just been released. Will there be Support for 4.1 also?

Do you have a plan how to handle future API changes inside Architect?
I do not want to update customer solutions with each new release, that means architect needs backward support depending on used Release.

Cheers Holger