View Full Version : [NOREPRO] Selectfield triangles not rendering OK

26 Apr 2012, 2:13 AM

Ext version tested:

Sencha Touch 2.0.1 final
Browser versions tested against:

iOS Safari
Android 3/4 browser
DOCTYPE tested against:


When using the select field on android browser the triange isn't rendered ok. It's rendered as a square. Also when using the usePicker: false, the floating panel triangle is rendered as rectangle. There is a field set which only has select fields in it, in this case the triangle is rendered ok.
Steps to reproduce the problem:

create form with field set and select field
The result that was expected:

triangle to open picker/floating panel
The result that occurs instead:

triangle is rendered as a square

Operating System:

iOS 5 Safari doesn't have this issue

26 Apr 2012, 6:34 AM
ST2 doesn't support Android 3 but does support Android 4.0.3 using the native browser and Chrome for Android. I'm going to open a bug for this so we can look into the Android 4 issues, my Android 4 device stopped working.

Jamie Avins
26 Apr 2012, 7:16 AM
This may be a z-index issue in the CSS as that is what was breaking the bottom tab icons. We'll look into it.

Jamie Avins
26 Apr 2012, 8:37 AM
I'm not seeing this issue in Kitchensink's forms. Do you have an example where you are seeing the issue?