View Full Version : Happy Camper :D - SDK Tools B3 = Win64 => iOS

26 Apr 2012, 2:55 AM

I've just been able to build my first native iOS app on Win 7, 64 bit.

Yes, it's a debug build, with dev cert etc, but it installed on the pad, with Icon and splash.

The app itself is not loading, but that's under control (I think), all my stores are trying to load from localhost etc :)

Just to let you all know.. This topic has so many threads that I thought proper to post a success story as well - See you in London next week.

I'm still unable to use the native packaging in Architect. The new SDK tools is working, but Architect has to set the project folder as the working directory for the sencha command.
But running sencha build native from cmd manually did the trick.

26 Apr 2012, 6:17 AM
After the hassle with replacing proxy url to full path prod url's the app is fully operational on the pad.

Now the only issue is moving it from a dev profile to distributional package.