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5 Dec 2007, 6:40 AM
Have a link to a document that when clicked, opens up the layout with the doc opened up in the center.

I have an agent that when submitted runs and sends an email with a url on it to the current doc. The only problem with this is it opens up the doc in a full page . Because I want the user to login to the db, I would like for them to click the link from their email then it opes up the main page.html and opens up the doc in the center region

At present the url passed to the email is servername/dbname.nsf/0/docunid?OpenDocument


8 Dec 2007, 2:55 PM
It certainly is possible, but might not be completely straight-forward. I would probably work up an additional parameter that you could pass into page.html. Just like we pass through the debug parameter in the html head, you could pass through the unid and have it make a call to the opendocument function.

Then your url to email would be something like "servername/dbname.nsf/page.html?OpenPage&autoopen=docunid

Seems like something that would be handy, I'll tack it on to our ever growing list.