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2 May 2012, 6:46 AM
var win = Ext.create('Ext.window.Window',
{ title : "Title", layout : 'fit', width : 700, height : 500, loader : { url : '/jsondata", removeAll : true, autoLoad : true, } });

This code works perfectly alright in 4.0.7 ..however it does not work in 4.1.0 .

I have verified that json response is being correctly returned ..looks like only issue with rendering.

Any suggestions ?

2 May 2012, 10:14 AM
Do you receive any errors on the console? You may have to provide additional info to get help.


2 May 2012, 11:06 PM
Got the details of the issue.
Actually, data is being retrieved succssfully but it is not shown.

Here is the firebug log. No other error was reported.

tbody><tr class="x-grid-header-row">

<tr class="x-grid-row ">
<td class=" x-grid-cell x-grid-cell-gridcolumn-1395 x-grid-cell-first">
<div class="x-grid-cell-inner " style="text-align: left; ;">data to be displayed</div>




However, the row is not visible leaving an incorrect impression.
And the same code used to work in 4.0.7 ..and yes. ..the firebug output for it is different.

2 May 2012, 11:15 PM
To be more precise:

<div style="left: 0px; top: 23px; width: 511px; height: 23px;" id="gridpanel-1122-body" class="x-panel-body x-grid-body x-panel-body-default x-panel-body-default x-layout-fit"><div tabindex="-1" id="gridview-1125" class="x-grid-view x-fit-item x-grid-view-default x-unselectable" style="overflow: auto; position: relative; -moz-user-select: -moz-none; margin: 0pt; width: 509px;"><div id="ext-gen1260" style="position: absolute; width: 1px; height: 0px; top: 0pt; left: 0pt;"></div><table class="x-grid-table x-grid-table-resizer" style="width: 509px; position: absolute;" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr class="x-grid-header-row"><th class="x-grid-col-resizer-gridcolumn-1124" style="width: 509px; height: 0px;"></th></tr><tr class="x-grid-row "><td class=" x-grid-cell x-grid-cell-gridcolumn-1124 x-grid-cell-first"><div class="x-grid-cell-inner " style="text-align: left;">mydata.com</div></td></tr></tbody></table></div></div>

2 May 2012, 11:38 PM
OS : Windows 7
Browser : FF 11 /12