View Full Version : Documents do not open in new tab

7 Dec 2007, 6:45 AM
I have the following strange behaviour:

In a simple application using $$ViewTemplateDefault (and Alpha 2 Revision 1) with four views I open a document from one of this views. This works fine when I have no categorization of the view
When I put one of this views into a category (simple rename one view from "ViewA" to "Sub\ViewA"), then the documents do not open in a new tab of the main area, they replace the view :-(.

OK, I tried to reconstruct this case with Rich Waters sample database and what a surprise, it works in the demo database. Why? At least Ext.nd.Session.js and Ext.nd.$$ViewTemplateDefault have different code from the code I copied from Alpha 2 Revision 1.

So what's the magic (and what's the version?) with Rich's Sample DB or is he using an old release of ext.nd and the bug a newer one?

7 Dec 2007, 7:07 AM
Some tests later I found the reason for this behaviour:

It only happens, with the latest versions, when the view does not have an alias. When I remove the view-alias in Rich's Sample DB, the the bug appears also in his version; when adding an alias name to my views everything works fine.

Could someone confirm that we need alias names for the views with ext.nd (or that it makes sense) ?

8 Dec 2007, 7:14 AM
Thanks for finding this. This definitely sounds like a bug. We have 1 more release based off of Ext 1.x to release so I'll see if we can get this fixed in that release.