View Full Version : How to build ExtJS 4.x from source?

9 May 2012, 2:51 AM

How is one supposed to build ExtJS 4. from source (from the sources supplied in e.g. ext-4.1.0.zip ?) ?
The SDK Tools Beta 3 don't seem to recognize the JSB from the "build" directory :(.

The old WIKI pages describing this process are not available anymore (even if they're still linked from this forum).

Thanks in advance.

10 May 2012, 8:09 AM
I have researched and I find this from the net...
Download Ext 4.x, unzip it, do not delete the src folder..
Select the menu item Window > Preferences... to open the workbench preferences.
Select the Spket > JavaScript Profile preference page to display the installed JavaScript Profiles.
Click the New.. button. In the Name field, type Ext 4 as the name for the new profile. Then click OK.
Click the Add Library button. From the Library drop-down list, select ExtJS. Then click OK.
Click the Add File button, choose sdk.jsb3 which can be found in build folder.
Select the Ext profile created in step 4, click the Default button make it the default profile for all project. The default profile can also be configured per project by using Configure Project Specific Settings... link.
If everything done correctly, your profile should looks like this.
Click on OK to save the preferences.
Open javascript file with Spket JavaScript Editor. If you not sure which editor you used, take a look at this screen shot. click Ctrl+Space or Alt+/, the code assist window will looks like this if there is no code.