View Full Version : Ext.application launch timeout? refresh?

11 May 2012, 1:32 PM
Getting ready to release an application built with the ST2 native build for iOS which I am using 4 DataViews pulling 4 different external JSONP requests and also a MapPanel with Google Maps. I pushed it onto my iPad with wireless enabled, but not authenticated. What is happening on open is the application just sits at the loading screen with the dots. If I close the app and authenticate to the wireless, then open the app, it still sits there at the loading screen (cached?). If I delete the app and install it again, the wireless now authenticated, the application loads along with all the lists and the map panel correctly.

I believe the JSONP calls happen before the 'launch' from the Ext.application, so if they do not connect to the Internet, is there a way to timeout the 'launch' and try again next time the site/app is opened up? or must this be done as a static link to refresh the page?

I can mimic this by unplugging the network cable to the computer and then open the ST2 site in Chrome/Safari, it just sits at the loading dots and it never reaches the 'launch' to execute Ext.fly('appLoadingIndicator').destroy() and Ext.Viewport.add(Ext.create('MainPanel'))

14 May 2012, 6:20 AM
In launch I would just check if things are loaded. If not then execute the launch method again after a certain delay.