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16 May 2012, 9:49 AM
Ready to upload the release build of a sencha app to iTunes Connect to put it on the Apple App Store. The question, is the binary app include everything needed for upload? I am reading about an info.plist which I am not sure I need to create through an empty Xcode project or is it bundled? Also on the App Info screen, since my bundle ID has a wildcard, it requires a Bundle ID Suffix (i.e. com.yourdomain.____ ) which will match in the info.plist. Is this config made in the packager.json for sencha app build native?

16 May 2012, 10:16 AM
Update: Right-click (ctrl) the .app file and "Show Package Contents" and it shows all the files including the info.plist. Although the Bundled Icons array is empty, it has enough of the information and the Bundle ID Suffix that I can move forward in iTunes Connect

16 May 2012, 2:16 PM
The journey continues. Now on to the Application Uploader to the app store. I am trying to follow this thread (http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?192946-2.0.1RC-Native-build-seem-to-be-broken) some, but getting some of these errors. I am using Sencha Command v2.0.2 and going through this process:

using config in packager.json "Release" and "Universal" and ran $ sencha app build native

[INFO] Packaging your application as a native app...
[INFO] The application was successfully packaged
The application was successfully signed [...]

Right-click the Mobile.app in the build/native/ folder and "Compress 'Mobile'" to obtain a .zip version of it
I open Application Loader 2.5.2 (236) via Xcode and login, then click "Deliver Your App"
I choose the application that is "Upload Ready" from the account >> Next
On the Application Information window >> "Choose..." >> select the Mobile.zip
On the Adding Application... window >> "Send" and get the error:

"iPhone/iPod Touch: icon.png: icon dimensions (72x72) don't meet the size requirements. the icon file must be 57x57 pixels, in .png format"

I show package contents of Mobile.app and the icon.png is 72x72 in the root and the Info.plist does show Icon file: icon.png, but the Icon files param shows an empty array. However if I drop in the 57x57 version in the root "icon.png", then on next "Send" I get "iPad: icon dimensions (57x57) don't meet the size requirements. The icon file must be 72x72 pixels, in .png format" -- Anyone know the way to allow both for Universal?

*Update 1: I decided to drop the "Icon~ipad.png" icon also in the root of the package. Then after "codesign" the .app file, zip, upload... it gives me an error "Icon specified in the Info.plist not found under the top level app wrapper: icon.png". When I open the Info.plist, CFBundleIconFile is "icon.png", but CFBundleIconFiles is an empty array. How do we make sure the different dimensions icons are connecting? In the root of the app package was the one only "icon.png", but the rest of the icons are in a webapp/ folder

16 May 2012, 3:30 PM
Final Update: The app was submitted to the app store!

Since the pakager.json was set to "Universal" instead of a specific "iPhone" or "iPad", inside the default compile from the sencha build, the Info.plist gave to parameters: CFBundleIconFile which had a value of "icon.png" and CFBundleIconFiles which was an empty array. With Universal, it needed multiple icon files, so I deleted the CFBundleIconFile parameter, added the Apple specific icons to the root of the .app package and added the array of icons. Submitted in Application Loader and it submitted!


One final question I will look into, are all the parameters in the Sencha Docs for the packager.json? and why when set to Universal, it did not add the Universal collection of icons? Also when I submitted the app, the iTunesArtwork.png should be 512x512 not 500x500