View Full Version : Prevent document containing <html manifest="cache.manifest"> from being cached?

16 May 2012, 1:40 PM
I have my production build with the deltas working and reloading. The problem is my document that serves the application has dynamic setup data in it. Here is what it looks like

<html manifest="cache.manifest" lang="en-US">

<script type="text/javascript">
var Csg = {};
Csg.appRoot = '<bean:write name="req" property="contextPath"/>/client/';
Csg.messageText = <csg:constructMessageTextJson keys="

If I change the <title> or dynamic data from the server it never comes across. Clearing my browser cache doesn't work either. I need to clear local storage for it to pick up the change but then it's cached again until I manually delete local storage.

If I remove manifest="cache.manifest" then the delta app updates stop working but my dynamic document updates work. So it's either one or the other.

So, what I want is:

1. The document that serves my application with the microloader to not cache.
2. Delta updates to work after build production.

My app.json section

"appCache": {
* List of items in the CACHE MANIFEST section
"cache": [
* List of items in the NETWORK section
"network": [
* List of items in the FALLBACK section
"fallback": []

18 May 2012, 6:19 AM
Besides the title, you really shouldn't touch index.html and that will be downloaded on the first time someone goes to your app.