View Full Version : Get GPS location of device?

16 May 2012, 5:35 PM
Is there any way in touch 2.0 to get the GPS location from the device and use it?

I couldn't find any answers in the forums or examples on how to do this. Perhaps it needs the native bundle?


16 May 2012, 7:06 PM

17 May 2012, 2:43 AM
That's not global positioning system? I meant the GPS latitude/longitude.

17 May 2012, 2:50 AM
nm. I see how it works now. Thanks!

17 May 2012, 4:57 AM
I tried this on android phone and it doesn't seem to work. :(

18 May 2012, 6:24 AM
We have an Ext.util.GeoLocation class that uses the HTML5 geolocation spec. There is the locationupdate event that fires when the coords are returned.

23 May 2012, 12:47 AM
Please could you give me an short example, how can I use the Ext.util.Geolocation class in the Ext.MAp class. I cant get this work at the andriod device. useCurrentPosition works perfect on iOS but not on android. Ive been searching for hours for an solution. Im using ST 2 / anroid 2.2.. It is possible without building a native app, just running on the android browser and get the current possition via GPS?

Thanks a lot....really great job this framework !!!

20 Sep 2017, 10:35 PM

I have manage to create GPS Location to get current location its working only when the location is enable on the device, how do i do auto detect for location to ask user to enable GPS.