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17 May 2012, 2:45 AM
Hi guys I have various problems on Android with Sencha 1.1 (for now I can't upgrade to version 2).

I think are all related to the same problem..the focus!!!

First of all seems that passwordfield get a sort of superfocus that never goeas away when I submit the form, this caus for example if the login goes wrong that the alert message appears below the password field.
This happens on smartphone (galaxy s on android 2.3.4)

in Tablet (galaxy tab with android 3.1) the problem is worse because when I tap on the text the whole panel disappear except from the filed I've tapped and this happens also with textfield. If I re-tap once or twice the panel re-appear

that made me crazy!!!!

I notice that the field has a sort of highlited border, just the password field in smartphone and both the textfield and passwordfield in tablet.

I tried some trick I've found in the forum such blur the field, but they doesn't work for me, nobody tried a different approach based on css??? because I think that the filed assume some strange z-index

Anyway any hekp would be appreciated

21 May 2012, 6:25 AM
Android has this bug that fields seem to always be visible after you focus and blur them.

Do note that we don't support Android 3.x

21 May 2012, 7:52 AM
Thanks Michell, I've tried a simple form using sencha2 and it seems that this problem's fixed, maybe just because the keyboard go down correclty and the field lost the focus. I'm evaluating the cost of migration.

When you say you don't support Android 3.x do you mean in sencha touch 1.x or also in 2.0?