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16 Dec 2007, 10:28 AM
Hi all,

I'm working on a simple MediaManager. The concept is simple :

On server side, a script maintain a small registry of directory to be visible on client side.
Each main directory maintains some rules :
- valide type of document
- description
- restrict image dimension
- autoresize
- autocreate thumbs
- etc.

On client side, you can see rule applied to a directory. When uploading a file, he script on server side will validate/transform depending on defined rules.

Check the prototyping demo :


I've a working version with Ext 1.1 but the code is a real mess ... I'm trying to add more functionnality with Ext 2.0.. so I'll show you only the Ext 2.0 version.

To do :
- handle upload
- ability to delete file (add a trash feature?)
- previewing image
- add more rules.

What do you think ? Do you have any cool ideas or advices ? feedbacks are welcome !

Best regards

(sorry .. with few practise, my english is kinda poor)

16 Dec 2007, 10:47 AM
interesting project... :)

I'm impatient to see next releases !! :D

29 Jan 2008, 1:34 PM
Can we see or download Ext 2.0 version of plugin?

1 Feb 2008, 2:29 AM

Due to tons of work I didn't have time to add new features yet. I'll try to release it soon ...