View Full Version : GET RECORD FROM SELECTED CELL ??????

1 Jun 2012, 12:36 AM

I was trying to get record from selected cell but failed all my called methods return null

this is grid opt.

selModel: {
selType: 'cellmodel'

I use to fetch record :

var selection3 = grid.getView().getSelectionModel().selected;
var selection4 = grid.getView().getSelectionModel().getSelection();
var selection5 = grid.getView().getSelectionModel().getLastSelected();

all of above variables are empty, undefined , null or something like that, while
these :

var selection = grid.getView().getSelectionModel().getCurrentPosition().column;
var selection2 = grid.getView().getSelectionModel().getCurrentPosition().row;

return correct location of selected cell.

P.S. i used both calls : "grid.getView()....." and "grid. ..."

Any idea what might gone wrong ?