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25 Dec 2007, 3:34 PM
Hi everyone,

I am planning to build a XFile extension that will contain :

- FileExplorer - a Windows Explorer like window/panel that will
allow exploring files located in a certain path on the server.
- OpenFile - a dialog that would allow the user to select a file from
the server ( similar to Open dialog in Windows )
- SaveFile - a dialog that would allow the user to select a location
on server and a name to save a certain content into a file
- Commands - an object containing methods that can be called to
execute specific operations ( like create folder, delete file, etc)
from other extensions/apps

Planned features :

- user chrooted in a specific folder (set in the server side script ) (v0.1)
- cut/copy/paste (v0.1)
- thumbs/iconic/details views. For image files, the thumbnail should be created
from actual image (v0.1)
- create folders and empty files (v0.2)
- upload files (v0.2)
- drag/drop (v0.2)
- view/ediit file (supported for text/html files) (v0.3)
- special folders (special shortcut folders like 'MyDocuments' ) (v0.4)

Open dialog:
- browse for files, similar to Window's Open File dialog (including thumb preview) (v0.1)
- upload files (v0.2)
- special folders (v0.3)
- implement the dialog as a HTMLEditor plugin, so images/file links can be easely added in the edited HTML

Save dialog
- browse for location and select either an existing file or write a new name
for the file. When called, the dialog should also receive the content of the file
as a parameter (ie. from a HTMLEditor field) (v0.1)
- upload files (v0.2)
- special folders (v0.3)

There are three reasons for making this mini project:
- learn ExtJS
- provide a very well commented example so all newbies like me can really understand ExtJS
- give something back to ExtJS community

The first version (v0.1) is planned for 15th of January 2008 so any comments would be greately appreciated (including request for features, how do you think this should work, ideas, etc).


27 Dec 2007, 6:05 PM
which backend do you think to use?. asp.net, php, java?


27 Dec 2007, 11:02 PM
I am planning to use PHP (in fact the script is already completed and fully commented), but I also plan to do an extensive ( or at least descriptive) document with all functions it should support (parameters, return values) so it should be very easy to implement it in any other server side scripting language.

28 Dec 2007, 6:43 AM
very good puya, let me know about the project ok, I would like watch it.


30 Dec 2007, 7:25 AM
Hi puya,

I think it's really a great idea !

1) About Upload file, I suggest you to use the extension create by MaximGB (Ext.ux.UploadDialog (http://extjs.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21558)). It allows to upload several files in same time which it's often not possible in web file explorer ! It's really a bottleneck in any web application.

2) I think a SelectFolder is also necessary.
- Provide selection of one or more folders

3) OpenFile:
- Provide selection of one or more files
- Provide filters to display only specific files

4) All dialogs windows (OpenFile, SaveFile, SelectFolder) must be accessible by any apllications - not only the FileExplorer

5) Provide access to folders/files on external servers (using SMB on server side).
Use case: the server side is hosted on a front end server. I configure a shared network on my personal PC which is accessible by the frton end server. When I travel, I can access to files store in this share.
This part needs a big develpoment on server side. But on client side, it's also necessary to display/manages shared networks differently as normal folders: login/pwd, access not always possible. Certainly in V0.5 ! :)

6) Keep the good work and have a happy new year !

4 Jan 2008, 12:49 PM
Hello everyone and a Happy New Year, I have been in a little abroad vacation, so sorry for the late reply. I will get back to development on Monday ( still in "recovery" after vacation ;) ) and I appreciate your answers and interest in this little extension.
1. SaveAs, OpenFile and SelectFolder will be available for any application (that was what I also had in mind), but part of the same namespace ( Ext.ux.XFiles ) though maybe they should be separated in multiple files (one file/dialog) so you wouldn't have to include anything but the necessary JS.
2. SelectFolder was in plan, just forgot to add it, though never thought to multiple selection and extension (type) filtering, good ideas, I'll see in what stage of the roadmap I will add them.
3. Good idea for multiple files uploading, I will take a look at that extension and see what can be done ( and how ).


14 Mar 2008, 12:51 PM

Did you get a chance to complete this?


14 Mar 2008, 1:04 PM
Unfortunately no, but a good part was completed. As soon as I'll finish some commercial projects (not related with ExtJS) I promise I'll get back to this.

29 Mar 2008, 10:03 AM

I have a question. Can you help me in regards to displaying a bunch of thumbnails (from a store), in a grid so that I may sort/group, but has the ability to view it as a dataview???

I think you would use this as part of your explorer-like feature. I have searched low and high, and as a beginner I just need some form of an working example.

Thanks in advance...

1 Apr 2008, 7:35 AM
I have a question. Can you help me in regards to displaying a bunch of thumbnails (from a store), in a grid so that I may sort/group, but has the ability to view it as a dataview???
Just take a normal grid and extend the gridGroupingView...
You should be able to do this by studing the source/widgets/grid/GroupingView.js

1 Apr 2008, 9:29 AM
oh thank you thank you! I was already on that path, but to hear it from someone else it means that I am not on the wrong path! It means a lot to me! :)